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Good News!  We match coupon pricing if you wish to pays us directly.  Note:  This statement is not meant to take business from the coupon site.  Sometimes we are booked and a prospective client is not sure whether they will be able to get in when they need.  The solution is to  get on a waiting list.  Then if we can't get you in you are not out the  money.  Also when purchasing through a coupon company the rule is one per client.  When you buy directly through us you can purchase as many services as you want for yourself at coupon prices.   If you choose to pay us directly please indicate the special you got in on in the scheduler when making the appointment, email us and tell us what you are doing  and we will honor it. 

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                                                                                             Scottsdale Financial Building 111

                                                                                             7272 E Indian School Rd

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                                                                                               two small lights east of Scottsdale rd on the NW corner of                                                                                                                       Indian School and Buckboard Trail in the Scottsdale Financial                                                                                                                            Bldg. 111.


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About Us: Jackie Peterson with 20 years experience herself and her well-trained team, are constantly developing and researching the newest in permanent make up techniques to ensure that her clients leave her Phoenix clinic with perfect results. Our friendly, experienced staff will give you the treatment you deserve from the minute you walk in the door.

Services: With permanent makeup, also known as semi-permanent make up or cosmetic tattooing, you can wake up every day with professionally applied, sensationally flattering makeup that stays perfectly in place throughout the day. There’s no smudging, no need to reapply and a completely bespoke look that’s right for your coloring and lifestyle, Jackie’s  permanent make up means you look your absolute best, 24/7.                              

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Take your brows to the next level by upgrading to "Hair Stroke" brow!   As they say, "Brows are the new boobs"  Give your face a youthful lift with this stunning brow now for an additional  $200.00 cash. ( limited time offer)

 Don't settle! Permanent Makeup Appointments are booked with  Jackie  ONLY.

                 Make sure to read the "must read" permanent makeup under the menu column for this                                                              and all permanent cosmetic procedures.

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We apologize as we are booked out quite a ways.  Go ahead and grab an appointment then check back daily to see if you can pick up a cancellation.

Problems booking?  email Jackie at thinkpureskin@gmail.com

 Tattoo Removal


          Take away the look you don't with our all natural superior alternative to laser Tattoo removal.

  • To read more about this fantastic procedure that is taking the tattoo removal industry by storm click on this link!    http://tattoovanishinc.com


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